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BuilderPass for Bitcoin++

With this membership, you'll unlock:

šŸ”· 5 Drop-in sessions per month, perfect for seeking guidance, feedback, or collaboration on your projects.

šŸ”“ Exclusive access to PlebLab private events and discounts on PlebLab paid events, keeping you connected to the builder community.

šŸ‘· 1-on-1 Builder Mentorship, where you'll receive personalized support and guidance from experienced professionals in various building domains.

šŸ“ Project assistance, helping you navigate the challenges of designing, developing, and constructing your creations.

šŸ§± Access to a vibrant community of mentors, advisors, and fellow builders, fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

šŸ”§ Additional benefits include access to PlebLab chat, Oshi Rewards, group travel opportunities, and conference discounts.

Whether you're a founder, developer, maker, designer, or any other type of builder, the BUILDER PASS provides the resources and support you transform seemingly impossible ideas into reality.

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